Introducing Me.

Part of my allotment. June 2021

Father, husband, follower of God, gardener, craftsman, musician.

I am working on living in the moment and not living through the eyes of other people. Hopefully this blog will allow me remember all the blessings in my life, and be of use or encouragement to other people.


  1. One of my way to deal with over consumerism, except the obvious which is to asked onself if you really needs the stuff, is to space the idea of acquiring something with the time of actually buying it….
    Your brain will always tricks you for a quick fixed in pleasure (in the form of Dopamine) by persuading you that you need a particular items..but if you try this test by waiting between the time you see it in a shop or on line, and looking at it few days later or few weeks later, you might realized you don’t fancy it anymore or that you can do without it


  2. Many thanks for following my gardening blog. Pleased to meet you.
    We live in a modern day world of gadgets. Which we all use in our daily lives from washing machines kettles to computers.
    But we also love nature, the natural world, and our gardening, living in harmony with nature. But we still need to exist in our environment .
    I Compromise , I get around consumerism by asking my self these questions.
    When I Want something, I ask but Do I really NEED it 😊
    Have a great July, happy gardening.


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