Raised planters made from discarded wood.

Living in the city we are constantly bombarded with noise and pollution. There is nothing like designing and creating your own little green space to suite your lifestyle, dreams and ideas. Raised planters are wonderful for bringing plants into our private spaces. During the COVID lockdown I have noticed many people having loft conversions. Here in the UK, builders throw away the roof trusses and replace them with new ones. Most of them go in skips, so people are only too happy for me to take this wood away. Having been born in Africa, I know that there are many countries where this would would not be thrown away, rather people would be only to happy to have this wood to improve their homes, or reuse them for other contracts. It is sad to know that in the UK it is cheaper and quicker to throw away these pieces of wood and to buy new ones.

Olds roof trusses are normally full of nails, and they are dirty, but the wood is usually of good quality and nice big chunky pieces. All it normally needs is to be cleaned/sanded, and the nails removed. Then they are perfect for making raised planters, being thick they will last many years before you will have to replace them. I use the nails from the wood to build the planters

I see this pile of dirty wood with nails in it as a lovely raised planter.

The beauty of building your own planters is you can customise them to your own garden needs.


  1. I wished the all world would be more like you at trying to recycle used materials. It benefits the family budgets, it satisfies one’s sense of creativity and before all it is good for our planet’s limited resources.


  2. Very interesting Robin I have a small concreted back area , making raised beds will brighten up the place and give shade.


  3. Fascinating article Robin. The world, including me, needs to change. Hopefully this will inspire the desire to change! Well done.


    1. Many in the UK don’t know how much waste is somebody else’s gold in Africa. Necessity is the mother of all inventions. Many poor Africans are innovative with the very little opportunities they have.


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